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What Some of our Past Clients had to Say About Us

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From Rani:

"I didn't have time to attend court and deal with the speeding ticket I had just gotten. I called and stopped by Street Legal's office to see what they could do for me. They explained the impact of the ticket if I didn't take action and how it could affect my record and insurance. Their professionals took care of my case without me. All it took was a 10 minute meeting and a little money. They took care of the rest and I had the charge withdrawn, no points and no fine. CASE CLOSED!"

From Ravi:

"I really appreciate how professionally you managed my case. Especially, Jackie was very helpful and prompt in following-up with my issue. I highly recommend Street-Legal as a very competent and reliable organization. Keep up the good work!!!"

From Ermias:

"I am one of Toronto's senior cab drivers who has used Street Legal to fight my Traffic Tickets. As a cab driver for the last 10 years, I would like to thank Street Legal for winning all of my Traffic Tickets and keeping my driving record clean. Just in 2009 all 3 of my traffic tickets have been cancelled. Thank you again!"

From Linda:

"I would like to thank you for all your help with my case. You guys are just geeat and I would highly recommend you. Also Jackie you were just great and I appreciate your kindness."

From Nicky:

"I was unfortunately involved in an accident and received a traffic ticket which would have potentially cost me 3 demerit points. Not knowing how to handle this situation I then met with Jackie. Jackie was the consummate professional. She gave me great advice and when I left her office I felt less worreid and reassured that I was well represented. Once again I would like to thank Jackie and her team for helping me contest and win my case."

From Shaun:

"Recently I used Street Legal for what I call "the mother of all speeding tickets". Going close to double the speed limit on the 401. I figured I was not going to come out of this one smelling like roses. I was ready to go out and buy a bus pass. Until a friend of a friend gave me your card. After talking with Frank, who seemed very knowledgeable, and confidant I could win, I agreed to proceed with the help of you guys I was rather impressed with how inexpensive Street Legal was compared to other services out there which claim victory As well I feel other places I contacted would have done nothing that I could not do myself All in all, the cost of Street Legal paled in comparison to the thousands of dollars I would have spent on insurance over the years Its money well spent As bad as it sounds I hope not to use you again, but if (probably when to be honest) I do I'll know I have the best people in my side."

From John:

"My licence got suspended for a fine I had forgotten about. Street Legal defended me and got me acquitted. I would have lost my licence for 6 months if I lost. They were professional and got me the results I needed."

From Reza:

"I had a bunch of speeding tickets on my records and my demerit points were up there. I couldn't negotiate a reduced speed at first but when I hired Street Legal, they were able to negotiate and points out things I didn't even know about. Now, my licence is sill intact and I keep driving. Their efforts proved to be invaluable to me."

From Martha:

"A police officer said I didn't completely stop for a stop sign. My Street Legal Agent was able to demonstrate he was mistaken and my case was dismissed. I couldn't believe it. They were amazing."

From Tony:

"I originally was looking for a lawyer but was having trouble as not too many wanted to got to traffic court for what I believed to be a reasonable fee. I reluctantly hired Street Legal who had an agent defend me. Not only were the fees reasonable, I am now totally convinced that they are an excellent alternative to legal help. Not to mention...because they're in Traffic Court every day, they're specialization and expertise came out in my result. Street Legal is clearly a credit to their profession."

From Candice:

"I got more traffic tickets than I could count. I tried to defend myself and was overwhelmed by all the different procedures I had to follow. I hired Street Legal to defend me. I cant believe how easily I got through it. They not only got me a great result, they showed me how to prevent future difficulties with my car. Now because of them, I have a fresh start on my driving record."

I would strongly recommend Street Legal with Jackie in charge, as your traffic defense legal team. They have proven their proficiency and effectiveness in winning the cases time and time again. Thanks for a job well done!

- Igor

North York

I could not be more pleased with the results you have garnered on my behalf. Start to finish, my case was handled with professionalism and competency - a rarity in business these days! I'll be in touch if another instance occurs.

- Dave


My licence got suspended for a fine I had forgotten about. Street Legal defended me and got me acquitted. I would have lost my licence for 6 months if I lost. They were professional and got me the results I needed.

- John


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